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Protect Your Income

What Happens If You Are Unable to Work Due to Illness or Injury?

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Cover to Replace Income

Earning an income is integral to leading a prosperous life. From meeting your lifestyle needs to building your wealth and achieving your long-term goals, your ability to earn an income is your biggest asset.

Have you ever thought about what life would be like if you couldn’t work, due to illness or injury? How long could you continue to pay rent/mortgage, buy food, cover all life’s expenses from your savings on hand?

Talking about insurance is never an easy thing to do, but having a contingency to replace your income if you are ill or injured is the first step to achieving financial security.

When considering your needs, some questions to consider are:

  • How would I meet living expenses if I couldn’t work?
  • How long would my savings and sick leave provide for my current expenses?
  • What debts do I have, and how would I repay these?
  • What lifestyle adjustments could I make to reduce my expenses?

I owned a small IT company and when I contracted colon cancer, I was entitled to an income protection pay-out even though my illness wasn't severe enough to stop me working.  

I had seen Mark a year earlier, who advised me to continue my current income protection policy because it had an inbuilt cancer clause.

He explained the whole process thoroughly and provided full service - I couldn't have done any better than to engage his services.

- Thomas S.

How We Can Help

With KPS Wealth, we know that there is a dilemma between ensuring you have cover that provides for your income needs while remaining affordable both now and in the future. We will guide you in determining the amount of cover you would need to meet your needs, and offer specific product recommendations that align with your wider goals and objectives.

To start you on your personalised financial plan, Contact Us today. Financial planning is for the long term, and so are we.